How To Sell Your Old Home and Buy a New Home

Real Estate

Are you a home owner thinking of buying a new home but still have to sell the home you are living in now?  Well here are some tips on “how to buy a new home and sell my old home” smoothly.  Wether you want to upsize, down size or need to make a lateral move here are some tricks of the trade.



Before you do anything, the first place you will want to start is getting your financing in order.  Not only will you want to get a net sheet from your listing agent with worst case selling figures and closing costs, but you will want to get with a loan officer to prepare your self for a new loan.

There are many ways to accomplish a loan for a new home such as paying off the loan on your current home, or maybe taking out a bridge loan  incase you find a home before you sell your current home, but any way you decide to go no one wants a bug surprise at the end which takes the fun out of the new purchase.


Selling your Current Home is Usually your Best Bet:

Most of us don’t have the means to own and maintain 2 homes at the same time, and unless part of your big picture plan is to become a landlord, I suggest you list and sell your home before you commit to a contract on buying a new home.  It never ceases to amaze me that when clients are making the biggest purchases of their life, how little effort they want to put in until they have a contract on the home they are selling.

Eliminate any surprises by taking the time immediately to insure that you can buy the new home that you envision by viewing 4-6 potential homes in the price range you hope to achieve.  This will help insure that even though the homes you are seeing today may not still be available when your time to buy comes around, that you will be able to work in the parameters of your affordability.


If You Are Thinking of Buying or Selling:

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